Everything from a single source – that was the guiding principle for Paul Rath, the son of Remscheid who founded his company over 100 years ago. Today Paul Rath AG is still family owned and active in the market as an industrial outfitter for the most diverse products.

In April 1908 Paul Rath installed two gas-powered file-cutting machines in the cellar of his house for cutting files. However, they made so much noise that he later cut files by hand for other companies. From 1918 onwards Paul Rath was able to take on employees and he acquired modern file-cutting machines; his son Paul Rath junior had joined the company and operated the machines. In 1947 sales of files all over the world were promoted when son-in-law Karl Schnabel, an export businessman, joined the company. Ultimately the company also manufactured other tools such as pliers, hammers and drills. Paul Rath senior died in January 1960 – and with him went one of the Remscheid's last manual file cutters.  

The founder's daughter Friedel Schnabel carried on the company's business with her husband Karl Schnabel. The company was expanded and finally the family company had grown to twelve employees. In 1978 the family company was completed when daughter Iris Pott, nee Schnabel, joined the company. Later, as joint owner, she controlled the fortunes of the company, which by now was based in Vieringhausen. From 2000 onwards Iris Pott, granddaughter of the founder, was head of the company as sole owner and added the distribution of machine blades. In the anniversary year of 2008 the founder's great-grandson Martin Pott took control of the company.

Today Paul Rath KG supplies high-quality machine blades, tools and complex parts for mechanical engineering. The widest variety of machine blades and knives has been distributed since 2002. In this sector Paul Rath KG is supported by a large number of producing partners. Therefore, innovation and new developments do not represent a problem for us, but a welcome challenge.

Company founder Paul Rath senior



Managing partner Martin Pott